Monday, January 13, 2014

Financial Report 2013


Here come numbers! We are ready to share with you results of the third year of project.

1. Costs

- Development

support and maintenance for current version
24 hours
migration to new hosting
25 hours
development of new version
392 hours
441 hours

average hourly price


- Hosting

$964 ($241 a month )
amazon aws
$576 ($48 a month)

2. Incomes


3. Partners

free development services
$3535 saved
free hosting (jan-sept)
$1428 saved

4. Activity

In 2013 Wikipaintings Team together with 25 volunteers managed to create 710 new artists’ profiles. At present we have 1680 artists and 126.000 artworks from 70 countries, covering 120 art movements. We have launched Spanish and Portuguese localizations, and have partly developed a new version of the site; here are some screenshots:

Thank you for being with us this year! Stay with us, and let’s make even better! 

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