Friday, June 1, 2012

We have 75000 paintings!

We've reached the point of 75000 paintings! This week we've launched such artists:

Andrea del Sarto, High and Late Renaissance, Italian
Hercules Seghers, Baroque, Dutch
Jusepe de Ribera, Baroque, Spanish
Pietro da Cortona, Baroque, Italian
Jan Siberechts, Baroque, Flelmish
Adriaen van de Velde, Baroque, Dutch
Antoine Pesne, Rococo, French
Allan Ramsay, Rococo, Scottish
Fyodor Rokotov, Rococo, Russian
William Shayer, Romanticism, British
Cornelis Springer, Romanticism, Dutch
William Holman Hunt, Romanticism, Symbolism, British
Philip Wilson Steer, Impressionism, British
Mario Sironi, Futurism, Metaphysical art, Italian
David Salle, Neo-Expressionism, American

Stay with us!


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  2. Please, a note,

    The reproduction of

    The Happy Lovers, 1844
    Gustave Courbet (gustave-courbet/the-happy-lovers-1844)

    is reversed.

  3. I absolutely love Wikipaintings, but I would also love even more if there was a higher amount of contemporary paintings also.

  4. I was (and am) very excited to find I read widely on all sorts of issues, and, as an artist am particularly interested in post-Modernism. When I was reading an essay on art in India, I of course turned to Wikipaintings. None of the artists mentioned turned up with the exception of Tagore.

    This leads me ask if there are any plans to somehow to put forth an effort to include a significant amount of art from outside the Western tradition?

    Just a thought in these days of expanding world views.

    Thanks again for your wonderful work.

  5. You know what would be even better? Having all those paintings available in the UK - because it's not inconceivable that someone across the pond might want to look at Picasso. Though, having said that, I'm a big fan - especially the feature that allows you to see artworks chronologically. Top idea lads and lasses.

  6. Its a wonderful resource!
    Even though I missed Armando Reverón´s paintings...

  7. OMG! this is like just so many paintings! I would like to see more abstract paintings though! nice job

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