Friday, April 6, 2012

Financial Report 2012 Q1

In February we started accepting donations from our users. It wasn’t much, but still we are very thankful for your help (A. R. Wallace, Kristina Marie Brendel, joeyv7), it means a lot! We’d also like to tell you (and all our future potential donors) how we’ve spent your money.

1. Hosting

WikiPaintings hosting is based on dedicated server running on windows server and hosts project and Amazon Web Services, which uses
- S3 to host backup files
- CDN for static files to improve site loading speed

january 2012$ 198,70
february 2012$ 198,70
march 2012$ 198,70
total for 3 month$ 596,10
amazon aws
january 2012$ 43,77
february 2012$ 55,06
march 2012$ 84,10
total for 3 month$ 182,93
total hosting expenses for 3 month$ 779.03

2. Development
WikiPaintings technical support and development includes work of web developers and html coder. In 2012 Q1 we added following features:
- Editing functionality improvements
- Preparations to migrate data to Microsoft Azure data storage.
- Donations

hoursprice per hourtotal
total for 3 month32$ 12,00$ 384,00

Total expenses for 2012 Q1: $1163,03


Our project is non-commercial. Since we don’t have any kind of advertising, our only source of income is donations from our users.
A. R. WallaceFeb 3$ 30,00
Kristina Marie BrendelMar 4$ 100,00
joeyv7Mar 12$ 15,00
Processing Fee$4,35
total income for 3 month$140,65

The difference between our costs and incomes was paid from personal funds of the initiative group.

We would like to thank again to our donors. As you can see from this report, 100% of your donations directly funded project costs. Just as importantly, your aid demonstrated solidarity with our goal to make art open and accessible!

We would also ask all our users (who have such possibility) to donate small sum to this project. Without public support, further development of would be impossible.

Unfortunately, our country (Ukraine) doesn’t support such popular payment gateways as Paypal, Amazon, and Google Checkout; that’s why we have to use payment gateway. We beg your pardon for this inconvenience.

We have a lot of ideas how to improve our site; shortly we’ll publish our “Roadmap” which includes all productive ideas of our users. With your little help, we can make Wikipaintings so much better!


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  2. I have shared this report in all my social media channels. Hope it helps. Thanks for the transparency and good luck with the funding.

    Antonio Basso

    1. Thank you, Antonio! by the way, I loved your posts about artists' studios)

  3. This site should really be built on open source technologies as well as itself having an open sourced code base, considering it's mission, and it's non-for-profit nature. I would have a strong hesitation to donate money or any non trivial amount of labour to a project built on top of microsoft technologies.

    The site is very nice however, and I wish you good luck in your endeavors.

    1. I agree that the project should have considered using open-source software, including the software that was developed for Wikipedia, which is available for such projects. However, the use of Microsoft technologies does not necessarily imply brittleness, unreliability, difficulty in extending, or any other inherent problem. Also, I see no reason why the choice of software base should influence one's giving patterns, unless one is taking a radical stance of boycotting Microsoft merely because of implications of their profit-oriented marketing strategies.

  4. I agree, however i would like to recognize your effort. Thank you very much!