Friday, March 2, 2012


We are still growing. We are happy to announce that we had 500K visitors last month which enjoyed more than 7 millions of paintings. Approximately, every second we show 4 paintings worldwide, starting from United States to San Marino.

It is fascinating to see how you say about on twitter:
Wow why have I never discovered wikipaintings before this is a God send - @Olivia_Trinder is literally a dream come true. - @NicholasBoyd

This is my new favorite website - @bobdobolina

Thank god for wikipaintings #lifesaver - @NicoleScott_

If you go to you will never be dissapointed, especially on an HD monitor. You'll probably cry tears of joy. Unreal! - @mattewestvanic

We added donations so you can help to develop new features faster and cover hosting expenses.

We do have a lot of new ideas. Our nearest plans are focused on improvements of editorial functionality, couple of gallery features and Spanish version of our encyclopedia.

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