Monday, December 12, 2011

Hello world!

Hello everyone,

This is an opening post of project blog.
Now our project attracts significant and even unexpected public attention. Total number of visitors exceeded 1,5 mln and every day in average 10-15 thousands of people come to our site.

Providing these figures and the fact that first visible result of our work are available to everyone  we ( team) realized that it is high time to tell more about our goals, ideas of our project,to disclose some information about our team and also to keep you posted on what is in our agenda.

This post is just starting point of sequence of posts. Even thou currently there are no much readers we encourage each of you to ask you questions and we will respond within some time to each of you in a comment or separate post.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, It is really great what you have done. It´s a pleasure to see the quality of the paintings I´m seeing, many of whom have been inspirantions to me.

    Thanks a lot

    ps: I would have choosen a wordpress blog instead of a blogger one. I has more options and it better optimized for SEO. Just a comment that may still help you.

    Antonio Basso